If I scribbled a poem to this, it will be:
“Don’t be fixed on other people’s grass, that you forget to water your own.
Water yours, it’ll become beautiful too, uniquely grown, joys habitation, full of health, brimming with life.
Water your soul and give it as gift,
it’ll return to you…a million fold harvest, your barn can’t contain.
Don’t be fixed on your neighbors lovely lawn, that you let yours be full of all things ugly.
Water your soul and watch it become…a joy to behold. ”
Those were the thoughts Papa God reminded me of this morning…Never stop watering your soul and life. God is so so good… He’s given us a million ways by which we can enrich our hearts and life. We have Holy Spirit, the Bible, several amazing books. We have family (was thinking of something this morning. I wonder how my mama knew and her words were exactly what I needed). Great friends are great for the soul too (1 Thes 5:14). On friendship, Stormie Omartian says, “there’s great strength in small numbers when the people involved are strong in the Lord. The quality of your relationship is more important than the quantity. The right relationship will enrich you and rub off on you in a good way. Pray for the right kind of friends, role models and mentors. Pray for your friends”.
It’s our responsibility to take care of what God has given us..Keep watering in God’s wisdom…Keep trusting God for strength and the right relationships. Please, keep watering your soul. Make it a joy to behold.



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