“What if I truly believed that everyone is my neighbor, and it’s okay to gift the love I have been given?
What if I really let go of the nasty labels that once defined me, and walked each day like I am pure gold?
What if I flipped those fearful thoughts and be laser focused on God’s sword- His wisdom & His words?
What if I wore courage like a vest and take a step towards that beautiful dream…seeing bounty even in lack?
What if I dance and dance and be full of joy simply cos I’m alive and sound in mind?
What if I really and truly believed in this God I sing about, talk about and read about, will it change the way I live and see life now?”
“What if you believe God to be who He says He is… Will it change the way you live and see life now? ”

I confess that sometimes I too pray, ‘God, please help my unbelief’ (Mark 9:24).. cos with God, I can believe.

Love and Light,

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