“Once upon a time, I dreaded Saturday’s. I didn’t mind going to thrash our waste at the neighborhood waste site, but Saturday meant seeing “the pig clan” (literally). I was afraid of these ones… Was afraid that they will smell my fear and chase me. Thank God they never did. Thank God that place no longer exist (still saw a pig the other day though), but those were some of the funny memories that colored my childhood. Another funny memory was fetching water from the well. It was my least favorite chore. It caused so much fights between neighbors and I (grateful for peace today), and it made me appreciate daddy, because the days he fetched the water himself, spelt rest for us, and I love rest. It also made us love Uncle ‘U’, because on the day he came into our lives, we said goodbye to our dear old well…I’m so grateful for running water now.. I can turn on the the tap and behold, there’s water flowing out of every pipe.. I’m thankful for that.
Life is colored with many seasons… These days, I act like the “Queen of London”, but back in the days, we carried water on our head like no man’s business. Years ago, the last thing on my heart was Jesus. But now, I can’t imagine life without God’s love. I’m thankful for every experience God has let me live, cos it turned me to diamond (isn’t that what God does?). My encouragement today is to remind us that seasons do change. One day, in the blink of an eye, you will move from “what was, to what is”. But that blink is a collision of many choices that is being planted. So, where ever you are, make wise choices- worry less, be a student, work hard and lean on Jehovah (Ecc 3:11)…and when you get to promise land, never forget that King, who carried you and gave you the wisdom and strength to overcome (Deu 8:17,18).”
That’s what I’ll tell the dear old man who caught me laughing out loud and miming to @amandalindseycook ‘city of hope’…No, I’m not crazy…Some old memories simply came over, after I had read that book, rebirth, that Khadija gave me….
It reminded me of the girl I used to be and I thank God for how he’s shaping me to be His pearl & His Diamond.

Hugs 🙂

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