Did you know that the National Theater in Lagos is beautiful?


I did not know that, until I recently visited with a friend of mine.

It has a gallery, a park and even a bar.

My favourite place was the park (without the sand flies though). I love the backdrop of moving vehicles on Eko bridge, and the gift of quietness the park still seems to offer despite the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

I can imagine how lovely it will look at night.

Hopefully, I get to walk in it with ‘bae’, and family one day.


Oh well….today’s post is not just to share the beauty of the National Theater, but to also share with you, some wisdom I learnt from a discussion with my friend, Seun Funmi. It was purpose driven, and I enjoyed it. I love great conversations.

The podcast is titled, ‘the parable of the seed’, and it’s really interesting.

The seed could mean your talents , dreams, kids, career, relationships, etc.

Here are some nuggets I loved from the conversation:

a. The seed never goes from being a seed to a tree in one day….It goes through process. Your tiny dream may not become big overnight, sometimes, you have to rest, be patient, and nurture it to greatness.

b. Dig deep. Plant deep. Foundation matters.

c. We are farmers unto our dreams and visions. Are you tending to your field well?

d. We are different species of fruits. We taste different and are not the same flavor. We have a goal or function, and have no business with comparison. Love your uniqueness. Love that of others too in a healthy way.

e. Grow. Germinate. Reproduce more seeds.

f. The day the seed is sown, is the day it’s manifestation begins. You may not see it yet. It is not loud. But growth has started.

g. The seed never arrives at its bud. Keep watering. Don’t stop.

h. Remember your why and stay in the place of service. Keep bending.

i. Even when you become a huge tree….Keep tending to your dream, and never leave God. It starts and end with Him.

Many thanks to Seun Funmi for lending His voice to the podcast.

…..and thanks for listening to today’s podcast.

Did you enjoy it?

What seeds have you planted or intending to plant? Seen any growth? A tiny bud yet?

What’s the process like? Hard? Easy?

Stay hopeful. Stay growing.


Love & light,

Hugs :)


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