Mary once shared this story with me, “a guy wanted to commit suicide. He was so tired, sad and depressed about life, and infact, he had penned his suicide note. Just before he killed himself though, a call came through. His friend had called. They talked for a long time….a really long time. Her encouragement went a long way. He stayed, choosing life and hope, and today, they are married”. Ok, so not all encouragements may lead to marriage, but your words today, may spur others to keep going in their life journey.
I’ve been blessed with a lot of people who has sown so much truth and love in my life. When life storms roars, a random text message from a friend has been God’s way of saying, ‘I see you and I’ve got you’…A tiny ‘well done’ from my boss, literally goes a long way in boosting my morale. So grateful.
People are going through a lot…we may see or not see the burdens they are carrying. We may see or not see the tears that fall freely on some days. We may hear or not hear their sigh of discouragement. We may see the strength of a care giver and we may never understand the plight of that single mother. We may feel the pain of cancer, and we may never understand the sadness that divorce or joblessness or loosing a loved one to death is, and so today, let’s be an encourager and applaud someone today and make them feel God’s love. Let’s tell God about that friend or stranger like we would do for ourselves. Let’s send that encouraging text or make that funny phone call to cheer someone up. Let’s make the gateman or house help or little kid feel seen. Let’s get excited when we see the people dearest to us and not take them for granted. Let our words be that cool drink on a weary day…a priceless pearl every time. Our encouragement can go a long way…It can help others to stay focused on walking with Christ. Our encouragement can help others to do good and to keep loving.
God made us for community. Let’s help each other to be strong. Ok, so any other ideas on how we can share God’s Love with other? ?
(Isaiah 50:4, Heb 10:24, and Isaiah 40:9 ?)
Remember, ‘You is beautiful. You is amazing. You is kind’
Stay strong. God be with you!


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