I loved how she danced in church…like she had every reason to be happy; like she had no need to be ashamed; like she won’t listen to that stare or fear; like she’s a princess, care free in her Fathers palace, and she didn’t need to impress anyone with the perfect steps, but she would dance to her Fathers song and she would dance her heart away, with joy and peace and abandon.
Her dance, It was contagious, for watching her dance helped me dance..and I hope that if someone was watching me too, they would dance, even if it’s the one-two step choir type of dance…because maybe, dancing before God tells our mountain of fears who the boss of our life is! And maybe, someone somewhere will see us dance, and will be brave enough to find their rhythm again, and again, their soul will remember that our Holy God is our strength and wisdom after all!!!
What if we get to influence people in that way?
If I have the chance again, I’ll tell this beautiful dancer, ‘Biko, don’t stop dancing or living or laughing or being free. Biko, don’t stop!’

Grace always!


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