So grateful for that season of rest. So grateful for my awesome family and friends. So grateful for my sister, @onyi_eke . She was so patient with me during the holiday, allowing me to steal some moments from our girl time, so that I could finish my new fave book, ‘the victory of surrender’ by Gordon Ferguson. ‘Surrender’ is a big word for me this year. It is not fun and sometimes, it’s the last thing I want to do. The first time God put that word in my heart, I thought, ‘..but God, I have surrendered all to you. Right?’. Well, these past few days, I’ve learned that surrendering to God is more than a cute song but it is shown in our actions.

Many people in the Bible lived a life of surrender – Daniel and his friends, Ruth, Mary, Joseph and even King Jesus. King Jesus said, ‘Father, let this cup pass from me, yet not my will, your will be done’ (Matt 26:39).

Today, surrender may look like this:- being patient and quiet, rather than dishing out anger; forgiving that hurt and loving still, rather than holding on to our pride; being honest even if we remain poor, rather than cutting corners so that we can be wealthy; listening to a clean music, rather than something sexually explicit because it has a nice beat; dwelling in positive thoughts, rather than negativity; seeing ourselves as God’s sees us, rather than listening to our failures and shame; trusting Papa God’s timing for our prayers and praising Him no matter what, rather than letting worries and fear lead us; listening to (and obeying) God, rather than letting peer pressure and our flesh lead us. Surrender is saying Yes to God and not to our wisdom (Pro 3:5-6).

Surrender is ‘if God says it, then it’s true; If God says it, then we’ll do it, no matter the cost’ (Rom 14:8). It’s God first!
Surrendering to God is echoing Jesus words, ‘Gods will be done’, and whatever that is, it is beautiful still. Honestly, I’m still learning. Some days may be hard, we may fall and shed some tears, but God’s grace is more than enough for us all. Reading that book reminded me that a life of surrender is totally worth it. It pays to serve Jehovah God and Jesus.

What do you need to surrender to God today?

Hugs, ?

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