God’s Heartbeat

Sit. Sit at His feet and hear His heart beat…

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Can you hear it?


You don’t need a stethoscope,

Doctor you, keep your tool.


His beat is loud.

Musically enlightening

Lyrically designed.



His heart beats. Thump. Love.

His heart beats. Thump.  Joy.

His heart beats. Thump. Justice.

His heart beats. Thump. Kindness.

His heart beats. Thump. Gentleness.

His heart beats. Thump. Courage


His heart beats. Beauty.


In the surgery of our life,

Where our diseased heart beats faintly,

His gives the ultimate life replacement,

A piece of His heart.


Let our heart beats same. Thump.

One music.

One tune.

Father and sons, in sync. Thump.

  • Ijeoma Unegbu


Everyday, we get to hear and feel God’s heartbeat….its there in the everyday moments both big and ordinary.
Its the best sound ever…Its the sound I hope my heart sings too…
It’s authentic, it’s beautiful…
Everyday, is an opportunity to know God for who He is and drink from His good heart …
And the only way we can truly know about a person is by spending time with them…
So today, take a moment and just chill with God. Sit with Him…
He’s our Papa in Heaven and He is best friend ever. He has a never ending wisdom supply…He’s a beautiful adventure… and He is God…and He loves having us around.


Love & Light 🙂

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