One of my favourite moments at home is early mornings in the weekend. I love it ‘cos I get to sleep a little longer, and I get to hear birds sing. I’ve noticed though, that even when it rains, the birds stay singing. And maybe that’s how they were created, to sing non stop…maybe they are shielded from the rain and it doesn’t bother them.
But I’ve learned this one thing from them – season in and season out, in sunshine and in rain, when it’s so difficult or when you are dancing to victory songs- SING STILL… WORSHIP STILL. Because, Jehovah God is still in control and He’s king in every situation. Also, when I hear their song, I remember that there’s life in the rain, newness in the rain, a promise of harvest after the rain.. So maybe the rain isn’t bad afterall.
What’s ‘rain’ to you? What dark clouds are hovering over you? Have you lost your joy and left your hope?
Singing or worshipping God in all situation, is an act of faith… Of trust… Of knowing that no matter what… God is good and is in all situation. The rain is a blessing too. And so sing.
The dear old birds have taught me this- to sing.. Though I must admit, they sing better than me. True story! Ha!
Just some encouragements!! Stay #brave ! Stay singing! Trust God!



Love & Light!

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