Second Chances

I love second chances. I’m grateful for second chances. I believe it’s a gift. It’s a gift God gives us each day….a part of His grace. His mercies.

As I type this, I stare at my friend, Chacha…and again, I’m reminded of how beautiful the gift of second chances are.

2 years ago. I witnessed the death of our friendship.

It started with a little wound here…a tiny offense there.

It started with uncontrollable mood swings.

Mood swings opened doors to lack of communication and respect.

With no communication, assumptions raised its loudest lies.

Lies gave birth to lack of trust.

Lack of trust reared disloyalty

Disloyalty turned kind words to harsh words

…..and little by little, wounds after wounds, friends became strangers.

We stopped eating with each other….We stopped praying together.

My confidante became a stranger. The love-chase stopped.

2 years ago. I lost a dear friend.

Of course, ‘pride’ made me stay away. ‘Ego’ asked her to not say sorry.

We sat across each other every day at work, and it burned my heart to not reach out. To be bitter towards a sister.

I didn’t like her much then. I didn’t like myself too. I wanted to take her side sometimes, and wanted to laugh at her fall.

How horrible I was that season.

I prayed. I prayed, and God showed me my heart; what I needed to change about myself, because restoration can’t happen when you are stuck to your old ways.

Forgiving others and yourself may be hard….but having the gift of second chances requires that you do that. Forgive.

I learnt to love even when that love is thrown in your face. I learnt that reading the bible is fun, but living the bible is hard.

Chacha told me that, she’s learnt that real love chases. It is patient, kind, not proud, not selfish, easily forgives, gift grace, and not easily angered. It never gives up. It communicates, prays….and stays on your face till you break into a smile.

I’m grateful that season is over. I’m grateful that we fell and yet, we rose.

I’m grateful for how much I & my big sister/ friend have changed since then.

We still refer to the past….the gist we never heard and parties we missed. Prayers that were never said, and light that wasn’t shone in dark days.

But….I marvel at gist that are being said today and get-togethers filled with awesome conversations. I rejoice at every prayers being said and light being shown in dark days.

Chacha is my soul sister. She’s changed so much too since then. God worked on both of our hearts.

I rejoice at the gift of second chances. I’m joyful for new season…of growth, and resurrection.

Everyone needs a second chances…Maybe you need a new chance at your relationships with your spouse, with your best-friends, with your or dad. Maybe, you need a new chance in your dreams or in yourself.

I’ll say…Pray.

Prayer produces miracles.

Just pray. Prayer changes the situation, but most importantly, it changes you. Remember, it takes two to cause a war. God uses prayer to soften your heart, so that you can be better too, as he changes the other person, in your journey towards peace.

I’ll also say learn. Life is an adventure…some bitter, some sweet. Learn as much as you can from every experience. Use it as a lesson point for the next adventure. My fight with Chacha taught me about myself…my weaknesses…and how much I needed to change…and I’m praying that old ways are indeed gone as I handle newer relationship.

Also, God gifts new mercy to you every day. If he does that for you, do it for others.

Forgive quickly. Give blank pages. Pray for them and yourself. Love your friends, and don’t give up on them (1 Corinthians 13).

Having a fall out with a friend?  Stay on their face. Pray, and love them through it. The love walk is intentional.

Ego. Let go of that crazy trait. Get out of yourself. Leave the me-first attitude. Let God step in as He works on you and your friend.

Can I be real? It was hard. For example, if Chacha was ill, a part of me will want to buy her fruits, but then, the bad part of my subconscious will give me million reasons to stay away. If she was going thorough difficulty, a part of me will want to reach out, but the mean part of my subconscious will leave her on her own. Ego is horrible. Learn to let go of pride and love.

Love stay in good season, and especially in thorny seasons. Be there for your friends. (Really learning this)

Also, communicate. Friends talk. Don’t give the devil an open space to fill you with assumptions. Talk, so that little things don’t go out of proportion.

Why did Chacha and I fight again? I can’t remember. But I know it started as really little wounds. So, today, communicate. Don’t lose a great friend.

I can’t remember how we became awesome friends again. But, I look forward to dreaming with my big sister again. I’m grateful I have my friend back. I’m glad.

As I type this, I stare at my friend, Chacha…and again, I’m reminded of how beautiful the gift of second chances are…He takes what’s dead and make it better and beautiful. So God.

Cheers to resurrection and a chance at new beginnings.

Cheers to second chances.

Love & Light :)

*Ps. In abusive relationship, e.g domestic and emotional abuse, stay away from the environment. Seek healing. Forgive them. Give them to God.*


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