I like that restaurant – ‘Nuli’.
I like the awesome lady behind the camera. My beautiful sister, Isioma.
I like the wisdom that Bidemi shared with me on ‘rock bottom’ when he saw Nuli’s bag pack. The founder of Nuli experienced her share of it. I wonder how she felt on receiving the news that her dream was now a mere stone and sand. Imagine all that money…now dust. Bidemi said that, somehow she found her way back on top. She’s now one of the best entrepreneurs in Nigeria. With a lot of help and love, those rubbles have grown to a lot of beautiful shops, one of which is the one I’m sitting in, in this picture. 

This morning, Jehovah God reminded me that He’s with us in that place of rock bottom-ness too. He’s with us when another door bang on our face. He’s with us through the many faces of rejection and heartbreaks. He’s with us as we wait for that tiny seeds we’ve laboured over to grow. He’s with us as we taste the dust from the rubbles of our dream. He’s with us when we are angry and confused. He’s with us when we are tired and the tears wont stop. He’s with us… nudging us to try again, wipe that tears again, dream again, rise again and hope again. And if we stay focused on our Heavenly Father and keep our gaze up, even the rubbles and debris can be a spring board to a greater and better place. In rock bottom, we learn wisdom, love, gratitude, hope, humility and strength. In rock bottom, we taste grace.
I like the founder of Nuli. 

I pray that in tough season, I remember her story. And Joseph, Mary, King Jesus, David, Ruth and Jobs story, in the Bible. 

I love God. I’m grateful for the beautiful ways He teaches us hope, even in unlikely places. (Psalms 126)!
Much joy,


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