Old Papa Benson must have thought I was strange. You should have seen his face…’You will have a cold, leave that place now’, he screamed. It was a good laugh, but thank God for Bowii of @houseofpictures (super photographer). I’m glad I stayed. It’s been a couple of days, and there’s still no cold, just joy and a heart full of life, memories, rest & gratitude…

Truth is, there are some things too beautiful to ignore and last week I found Beauty in:
1. The Rain. So grateful to God that the rain fell at the time it did, for there was enough space to dance with my Chiaka in the rain. Yimika is right then. I remember that ‘Ashante’ afternoon, as we watched that little kid dance irrespective of the adults around, Yimika said, ‘See how that child is dancing without concern for who is watching or who approves… Let’s be like children..and dance wherever and whenever we want to. Kids are free. It’s OK to be free and be courageous too’. So yeah, dance in the rain and don’t run from hard things.
2. Mama Matilda, Papa Benson and my new St. Paul’s family. The question that remained in my heart after time with them was, ‘what kind of grandparent will I be?, As a young lady praying for a long life filled with many good things, hanging out with the elderly that day, reminded me that one day I will be old. So, I pray to be the kind of grandma that my grandkids will be proud of.
PS: St. Paul Senior citizen Foundation ( stpaulseniorcitizens.com ) needs your love and support. Pls!!! Thanks a lot! ?
3. Friends and great conversations. Good friends are a gift. There’s beauty in uplifting conversations and there’s a great side to social media. So grateful for amazing new friends.
4. Dreaming. Like the rain, sometimes, God pours a great dream in your heart. It’s easy to run and hide because you are limited and the dream is too big for you to carry. But this I know, Jehovah God always makes a way.. Our job is to obey, stay courageous, trust and dance even when it’s hard (and raining). Dreams do come true. It does.
You know, in the midst of the chaos around, life is still full of beauty, hope and grace. Jesus is still alive. May we never forget.


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