Lesson Learned:

“Take care of your parents. Pray for them. Respect them.”
Thanks Papa E! God bless you! ?
“My parents were not the richest but they were good to me, and so, I determined in my heart, that when I’m older, I will build a house for them and will take care of them. At that time, we lived in a bamboo house. When I made some money, I started the house process. Thank God I did, because one day, I got a bad report, ‘My parents bamboo house had fallen’. My elderly parents survived but they were homeless. With no house to live in, they wanted to stay at the popular ’round about junction’ in our village, but thank God, I had made a lot of progress to the house I was already building. Till death, they always said their thanks…they said, ‘if not you, we would have been the laughing stock of the village….living homeless at the round about’…I loved my parents. I’m grateful for them. My advice to the younger generation is this- “Don’t ignore your elderly parents. Remember them in your heart always. Take care of them. Love them. Pray for them. Be kind to an elderly person and respect them too”.
– Papa E

Hi hi,
What fond memories do you have of your grandparents or elderly mentor?

What lessons have you learned?

Hugs 🙂

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