Yesterday, I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled on the picture of a beautiful artist. I clicked on her page and kept scrolling and scrolling.

Before I knew it, the comparison party started.  She’s pretty. She’s perfect. Better dressed. Cute boys. Respected. Charitable. Perfect. Followers. Blah blah.

Envy, jealousy, and even the worse, ‘judgement’ started trickling in my heart. Judgement too! Haba! Shut up negative thoughts!

I snapped out of it, but still, it kept trickling down into my subconscious.

Why am I not her?

I knew that I had a problem on my hands. I sat on my bed and begged God for forgiveness over my ‘one minute stupidity’. I needed His help,  and I prayed for love over this sister-stranger (covers face).

I prayed for the celebrity- that God bless, love and be with her. I prayed that He shows her the way to live for Him and His glory.

I remembered a poem, I wrote some days back:

‘Break the brick wall

With your head

Hit it on the wall

Till it falls


Did it hurt?

That’s what happens

When you let negative thoughts

Roam freely in your space

It’s a sweet recipe

For a great hurt’

– ije

It’s so ironic how your words come back to haunt you.

Negative thoughts like comparison, envy, and the likes only lead to damage. It keeps you stuck in life, and staying stuck has the ability to affect your generation and even this generation….which is an unnecessary pain and heart ache.

I learnt several things from my crazy misuse of time on Instagram yesterday:

  1. Our celebrities:

Pray for them.


Because they struggle too.

Because they are under pressure too.

Because they have this pressure to choose right and wrong and maybe, many make the wrong choices.

Because maybe like us, they wear a mask…maybe they are blatantly immoral….but, how can imperfect, call another imperfect…

And so pray. Because praying for people is an act of love, and that’s our job on earth- to love God and to love others.

Because you can plant seeds all you want, but it’s God’s job to make the seeds grow and to make people change.

Gossiping about them never helps. 

Criticising them may make them cry, or toughen their skin.

Our job is speak truth.

Yes, don’t hide truth. It saves.

But please, speak it in love.

Call out ‘crazy’, but with the right heart motive. Gossiping and bashing, only worsens situation. And so pray for everyone, and treat others as God wants you to, and as you want to be treated.

You who are strong, help the weak. Keep praying for Gods strength in your life and that of others, so that you don’t fall.

Also, never compare your life to theirs. Negativity only keeps you stuck. It never ever stops the other person from moving or progressing. It’s just a waste of your time.

Rather than focus on others, live your best life…maybe, your life can draw others to live their best lives.

Your life should be a billboard…It should be that one beautiful billboard God can use, in little and big ways.

I heard a group of women say about a certain actress- ‘it’s all packaging’.

Can you compete with the package? Can you afford it? Why stoop so low to make stupid choices, like selling your soul, just so that, you can look like another person?

Why compete with others in the first place?

You are packaged beautifully already. The extras are not important. They fade away with time and in the grave. Go to fashion shows, season in and out, new things come out. The only thing that last is God…You have his ears, so package your soul and look beautiful before Him.

Attention fades away. People love the next best beautiful thing. But God, He’s fixed on you….like a faithful loving Husband. In the words of Francesca Battistelli, ‘I’m famous in His eyes’.

In a world, fixated with celebrities….You have the attention of the best king ever- Jehovah God.

Why throw away the best for the good?

Stand with truth. It’s easy to accept the celebrity’s word as ‘WORD!’. But is it word.

The cool thing about being a celebrity is that you have a mic. A platform. The perks of being a public figure.

But do you know that, everyday, a mic is placed in your hands too…what truth are you sounding off? what are you doing with the microphone of your life?

Truth comes from God’s word. Never throw your values. Inspire your surrounding with real truth.

You are beautiful. You are created in Gods image. You are unique…you don’t need another product, magazine or advert to tell you so. Your standard for beauty is as amazing as the next person. Treasure it. Be comfortable in the skin God blessed you with.

Why throw away the best for the good?

  1. Our children:

I recently read 1 kings 22 and it blew my mind how two different kings who lived two different life’s impacted on their generation. One impacted His generation badly. His son walked in the way of His father and continued to be wicked, leading people away from God. The other impacted His generation for good. His son, followed His footsteps, and was a great and good king, leading people towards Jehovah.

People say children live by example. Parents could set a good example for their children, but honestly, it’s the choice of the child to follow that great example.

But still, my actions today, can impact on my children negatively or positively. It can lead them to life or death.

Will my children thank me one day, because of the choices I make?

I may not have kids now, but I can mentor a child today and show them the way to life- Jesus.

With my life, I can help generations, even those I do not know, towards the path of good or bad.

What choices am I making today?

Comparison keeps you stuck.

Rise up. Play your part in impacting people for God’s glory…shine Jesus as the way, truth and life.

A generation, This generation. That one person you may never meet, but somehow stumbles on your crafts and loves your talents, needs you to rise and maybe show them how to live real life.

We are all world changers. Let’s change the world for Gods glory.


I love writing. It’s my one tiny way of ‘hopefully’ changing the world for good. My hope each day, is that ‘one’ stranger reads my write-ups and learns from the highs and lows of my life. I pray they read my stories- mistakes and lessons, and choose Jesus Christ, life, love and joy….and maybe make awesome life changing choices that can impact on their generation for good!

Our lives matter.

How are you changing the world each day?

What do you want to be famous for?

Love and light,


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  1. I like that poem. It’s amazing how God uses our words to preach to us. I love it because we should be preaching to ourselves daily anyways. I love this realization, I pray for many more revelations for us in this new year.

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