Every time I beg grandmama to let me take a picture of her, she will say, ‘No. I’m not fine enough. I’m old and wrinkled. My teeth are not uber white and I will not look beautiful in your photo’. I’ll tell her, ‘Well, you look beautiful to me” (and yes, she’ll oblige her dearest grand daughter. I love “bullying” her. Ha!). I met my grand aunt at the village and she said the same thing too, “I’m too old and I may not look nice for your picture”. I told her what I always tell mama, “You are beautiful mama, and I know so because God made you”.

Like Mama, Have you ever felt not so pretty though? I confess that I have. Yesterday, it dawned on me that old age isn’t the only thing that can steal your self worth. The feeling of rejection, possibly after a heart break, can make you feel worthless and less than and maybe question your worth.

God showed me a scripture that’s changed my life (Proverbs 23:7), “As a man thinks, so he becomes”, and it got me thinking, “could it be possible that the way we think about ourselves can actually be perceived outwardly? Do we really wear our inward thoughts?” … How do you see yourself? My encouragement today is to please, see yourself as God sees you (that’s my new prayer). Your heart may be shattered right now; you may have the love of your life in your arms; Your skin may be as smooth as a baby cheek; You may be wrinkled with crooked teeth..God sees you as a beautiful precious pearl (Proverbs 31; Isaiah 43:1b, 4)…He did not make a mistake with you. Don’t let a change in circumstance define your worth or confidence (Hebrews 10:35).

When I battled with self image, my dearest @issy_andrew was a vessel of wisdom to me, She said, “the one who made the beautiful cloud, the shining sun and humming bird made you…You bear His mark…Walk like it!” Wise girl! I carry those words around and everyday, I walk like it (God has done a major work on me).

How we see matters, for it breaks crazy chains off us. So today and every year, find completeness and wholeness in God.

Fear Papa God.

Pls, pray for God’s kind of eyes to see people and to see ourselves as God sees us all!!! Hugs,

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