I love love beautiful conversations and I’m so thankful for that conversation that reminded me that when we let unforgiveness and bitterness fester in our being, we not only hurt ourselves but hurt others along the way.
Naturally, when we are really hurt, the last thing in our heart may not be what King Jesus said, “Father, forgive them”, after he was spat on, beaten, mocked and tortured. If you are like me, we may want to tell everyone how horrible that person was, we may want to sit with the hurt and let it fester…but what I have learned is, unforgiveness is a waste of time.
One of the Bible verses that have helped to shape me is Psalm 37:8. It says, “Let go of anger and abandon rage. Do not become upset and turn to doing evil”.
There’s so much wisdom there and it helped inspire the poem below,

“I hope


when stuff cracks

your heart

you won’t be another

jagged piece

running round

and hurting others,

I hope


peace and love

will be the soil

where you will lay to rest

this hard bitter heart,

for when you do,

you will see

a bloom of righteous fruits

even from the darkest

of hearts”


It’s crazy how if we are not careful, we become like the very thing or person that hurt us. Anger can make us callous, insensitive…and can make us self destruct.
And so today, my encouragement is, take that hurt to God, Let forgiveness and love take over, and let Jehovahs wisdom direct your next step or response.
Don’t respond in hurt! It is not easy, I know…but love is such a better luggage than bitterness and offense. ….and that’s what makes King Jesus amazing, that He died for us and gave us an opportunity to receive forgiveness even before we were born!!! I love Jesus!

Today, chose forgiveness. Unforgiveness begets more hurt…Love bears more love. With God’s help, may Love lead.

Love & Light,

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