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‘Olodo’, I heard that a lot in school, like when that girl can’t concentrate in class or when that boy failed the science question, and he was called ‘burnt goat’. We will call them ‘Olodo’. The teachers sometimes whispered it too. ‘Olodo’.

We will laugh. We even had a song for it  and a drawing, when they scored zero out of ten. Sad days. ‘Olodo’ means you are dull or you are slow to learning.

There are many learning disability problems, and dyslexia is one of them. I just learnt about it, and I’m learning that maybe we are too quick to count a child out, just because they are not learning at the same pace with others. My friend Tony has taught me that, all we need to do is to figure out how to pass across an information to a child in a way that they can grasp, for there are many learning styles.

What if all we needed to do back then in school, was to pay attention to that ‘one child’, and teach them in a way that they will understand?

No kid should be insulted in any way. Even Children needs our respect. No kid is an ‘Olodo’.

Thanks God for our children, and the wisdom you have blessed them with!!!

Happy World Dyslexia Day!!!



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