I thank God for the kind teacher who let us speak with Nkechi and her friends. I thank God for Nkechi.

The day I met her, I learned something valuable.

You may not have nice dresses, sweets and money to gift a person and while those are important, a kind word, the gift of time and a real complement are also beautiful gifts. She beamed when we talked about her warm smile and beautiful dress.

Nkechi is disabled, but she is so complete and have a head full of wild dreams. That girl will build an empire.

This week, give gifts- of time, prayer, listening ears, forgiveness, empathetic hearts , warm smile and beautiful real complements (Don’t lie and flatter ooo.. But say something nice about someone…like Nkechi, their heart may beam a million watts).

Real love don’t cost a thing! We are Gods co-labourer.

Lets be His hands and feet.

Have a beautiful Monday!!!!


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