Me: Grandma, good evening
Mama: Welcome. How was work? What did you buy today?
Me: Love. Mama, I brought back love.
Mama: Thats great. But will I eat love? At least buy oranges when you are returning.
Me: what! She just ‘yabbed’ me. ….And we all laughed. I got oranges the next day.

I’ll never forget conversations like those with mama.

Too many beautiful memories with her. She gave me many gifts.. She was too truthful, too kind, a giver and prayerful. She was my fave model. She was mama. She was my friend. 

On the day she left us, I didn’t cry. I was shocked. She had suffered a stroke and my strong grandma needed our help to do the simplest things (huge hugs to the #caregivers all over). I was just shocked. She looked so peaceful even in death. I called a few best friends and we all prayed. Life went on. But 2 days later, the tears fell freely. She was not on her favorite seat anymore, and there was no cheek to kiss when I get home. 

I know one day, I’ll get to see her again God’s willing (thank you King Jesus), but you know, on this side of heaven, I really miss her. Even now, a year after, the tears still fall. I miss mama.

This is what I’ve learned, tomorrow is a gift and we may not see it, but today is an opportunity we have, don’t waste it. Love the people in your life like crazy. Don’t wait till they are gone to say kind words or throw a big party, but now, gift time, forgiveness, love, mercy, parties and respect. Have an eternity point of view. Also, living with my grandma made me conscious of what being old looks like. It is sometimes hard. When I see an elderly person, I think of mama. Please respect the elderly…they may be too slow for you, but be patient, one day, you too will need a younger person to be patient with you too. 

I’m so grateful to Jehovah God for the beautiful privilege he gave me to know my grandmother. Her life helped inspire many of my poem. I’ll never forget Mama! I’ll never forget her…(Proverbs 31:30).

What’s your fondest memory of your grandparents or an elderly person in your life? What did you learn from them? How can you create a fond memory for the elderly around you? 

My sister and I started a project called the Mama’s project.

The project serves as a memoir, in honor of the senior citizens around us. The goal is to make the elderly around us happy and to create beautiful memories with them.
Here’s how you can participate in the mama’s project:
1. Gift your time, money and help the elderly in your local community.
2. Write thank you notes and send flowers to the elderly around you.
3. Pay them compliments.
4. Think of more positive and creative ways you can make beautiful memories with the elderly around you and act on them.
5. Please, send fond memories of your time with your grandparents or an elderly mentor who has shaped your life and the lessons you learned from them.
We absolutely want to feature your story on our instagram page- @oneadviceworld ! You can DM us or tag us .

Much joy,


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