Back then, it was my pattern, to leave for work early.

My morning routine looked like this. I would meet mom at the sitting room reading the Bible, and praying. She would then stand up, pray with me, and offer words of encouragement for the day. And then, as I walk out of the gate, into the still dark street, she would say one last good bye, and stay on the verandah till I go out of sight. One day, as I got to the far end of the street, I stopped to check, and again, she was there.

My friend Ego, who is a Mama herself once prayed out loud, ‘Dear God, I’m not there with my baby….and you know why, but for today, please keep her safe, like I would if I was with her right now. I leave her in your hands, and your hand is the best place for her to be in’.


Being a single mama is beautiful, and is hard too. She gets to be, mom and dad. She gets to be decision maker, and still tend to our emotions. She gets to be tender, and be strong. She gets to be worrier and warrior.

Somehow, she did a good job.

My mom always gave the glory to God. If you asked her, she will tell you, ‘God is the head of this home’.

Oh, we argue. There are rebellious days. But one thing is sure, as we gather together at night, to tell Papa God about our day, God erases our crazies, and strengthens our family bond.


I’m not a Mama yet.

But I see Mama’s around.

I saw one yesterday, balancing the bread on her head, and securing the child in her hands.

Go to the market, you’ll see many mama’s, battling the stink of fish and smoke from frying Akara, so that her family can eat….so her generation can survive.

Mama. She works hard. I hope I have enough to pay her for a work she’s poured her entire being into.


God has entrusted them with gifts….with gifts they have to groom, and tender, so that these gifts becomes gifts to a generation.

I’ve seen mamas wonder, did I do a good job?

I’ve seen mamas dream a beautiful picture for their kids…

I hope to be a good mother one day. Like my mama is for me, each day.


One day, I was being disrespectful to my mom. It was one of those early morning ‘waka’ to the office. Mom insisted that she will walk me to the junction.

‘No! I’m fine. I’m a big girl. I can walk by myself. Besides, who will walk you back home? I’m Ok’, I said.

I left the house, and she followed me.

I was mad, but she still followed me.

I was still mad, when I got into the bus, and God reminded me, ‘Atleast, you have someone who loves you enough to walk with you in the dark. You have someone who cares for you enough to make sure you are Ok even in the dark…Love her. When you love her, you love me’.

I got off the bus and hugged my mama.

I prayed God walked her back home.

God cares for her, & dad too. When you obey and love your parents, you live long on earth. Love is an action word. Love your parents, in words and in deeds.


A good mama may not be perfect. But one thing, I know she does well, is Love.

Love. That’s the offering I hope to give my future offspring.

Love. That’s the ultimate gift the greatest parent ever- Jehovah gives us each day.


These words has been swimming in my head:


She is spear,

Protecting the sphere






Thank you Mama. Say those words to her today.

Tell Heavenly Father about her always. That too is a gift. It is beautiful & enough.

PS: Dads are the greatest too. (A post for Papas coming up!)

Cheers to our parents….

Love & Light,


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