The last  place I wanted to be was there…the single’s program.

I did not want to be there. I’m not a huge fan of Single’s meetings or conferences, but ‘T’ was going…she was my motivation. I’m so glad I went anyway. Learnt so much, had ‘aha’ moments, and laughed so hard.

But my favorite take away from the conference was the reminder from Dr. Femi during the drive back home. He said, “it’s important that even right now, you are cultivating the fruits of the Holy Spirit…A marriage will be bitter if there’s no love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self control (Galatians 5:22-23). Beyond money, you will need those ingredients in your home”.

I’m learning that as I wait for my one day ‘king-amazing’ to sing me that beautiful song by Kip Moore, ‘Hey Pretty girl’, I don’t have to pause my life or be sad because there’s no man in the picture (I confess that I used to do that a lot and I’m grateful that God has helped me out of that ideology).

Being single is no excuse to not living a fantastic life. But even now, as a single girl or guy, you can be happy, learning and cultivating godly fruits and important life skills, be whole and content..living a life full of purpose, love, joy, positivity, and most importantly, living gung-ho for the greatest One and Love- our Father God Jehovah and King Jesus.

Trust God for your life and love story. Yep, Trust God. -Ps 27:14 

Are you single? What have you learned this season? How are you using it for God’s glory?

Much joy,


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