Looking Back: Grandma’s Lesson

I thought about my grandma again.

She’s beyond nice, and honestly I miss her.

I miss pestering her and hearing her wise words. I miss ‘fighting’ with her, and knowing that no matter what, she still got my back! I love Mama Kuku!

The wall.

…She stared at the wall a lot. She will smile sometimes, and other times, it’s a blank face. What was she thinking? I thought.

I never asked.

But I hoped to God that one day, when I’m grey and old…I will be grateful for the kind of life I lived.

A full life with little regrets because I was brave enough to live a beautiful life.

Dear soul,

Do you like your life as it now? Do you enjoy being you…what you do? Can you look back and applaud yourself for the chances you took that you thought were impossible? Are you making Jehovah proud?

In your old age, when you are asked, ‘Did you live a life full of love…for yourself, for Jehovah and for others?’ what will your response be?

As for me, everyday, I remind myself that I do not have to compare my life with another. I have to forgive as quickly as the offense rears its head. Love is my main theme. Wisdom is good for me. I have to collect memories and be present. I have to pour Godly wisdom into others and not put a break or darkness in my life. To trust God and do good. And to look at walls with smiles till I’m called home.

And most importantly, to never forget my creator! (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

When you look back one day, what do you hope to see?

Love and Light! 🙂

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