I hope to love like Jehovah loves.

I like rich people. I like the high class people. I love that they can afford whatever they want and they can give me whatever I want (cos it’s easy for them).
I also love people who don’t have a change to their name. All they need is a little change for food, a listening ear to hear their unheard words, or a smile.
I hope to love like God loves though, for He sits with a beggar whose hair is thinned out and whose eyes are almost blind, and He puts a smile on her face and gives her his ear. His love takes a homeless man to church and sits right there with Him, making Him feel important, restoring His identity.
His love is not side tracked by the expensive smell of the rich or the nauseous smell of a man who has not bathed in 4 days because he can’t afford 20 Naira to pay for the public bathroom. His love is not swayed by the wonderful ornament of the rich or the distinct blood stain on the beggars rag.
True love sees beyond our outside. True love sees me.
With true love’s eyes, I get to see the rich and poor…to really see what they fret about, what they cry about. I get to see their real life, not the part that is clothed on the outside. With love’s eyes, I get to see the frown that their smile tries to mask, I get to see nights where tears fell and fears fell, I get to see thoughts and brokenness and faith..not just a man clothed with wealth or a woman whose rags is barely covering her nakedness…I pray I get to see people like love does, and treat people like love does.

I hope to love like Jehovah loves. I pray we always gift the truest kind of love.



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