My friend, ‘E’, is a fierce warrior princess.
In her universe, she’s the most prettiest, and the last thing she seeks is the affirmation of others. She doesn’t need another voice to remind her of her relevance. She’s so secure in how God made her and in her gifting’s. Social media likes and followers don’t intimidate her and she’s never insecure about the varying times and seasons in her life. It’s like she’s cradled in God’s loving arm, and His business is what trends in her heart. She’s modest, she’s classy, she’s funny, she loves, she’s old school, still modern, she’s awesome and kind. She’s imperfect and her past wasn’t the cleanest. She struggled and struggled, yet, she found her wings and soared high. She’s better than the woman she was yesterday.
She never wallows in self pity. She says the land of comparison is the one that can kill you because in it, you never win. She says, “If tomorrow sends me to the grave, the envy, bitterness and jealousy will matter there in eternity…as much as it matters much here on earth”. She’s confident and she laughs when she thinks of tomorrow. She reminds me often to take life one day at a time, and to grow and learn. ‘Echidime’, she would say, ‘Tomorrow is pregnant’, be full of hope and be grateful for the good things, little or small, that happens each day.

I love learning from her. ‘E’ is fictional. She’s a combination of the powerful biblical characters I so love- the proverbs31woman, the Ruth’s, Esther’s, Rahabs, Deborah’s and Mary’s of the Bible. She’s the 21st century business woman who is powerful yet humble and kind. She’s that friend and sister who is never lacking with healing words. She’s my mom, who is a super hero. Her faded scars shows growth.
But can we ever be perfect?

I’m so grateful to Jehovah God for the many chances he gives to be better each day. And as a lady, I pray that each day I grow in wisdom and I be that strong girl who knows what she’s about- Another beautiful unique piece of art who’s not envious of the other beautiful unique pieces of art hung next to me in this gallery called- earth. (Ephesians 5:1-2).
May we all be a reflection of the song God is writing in our lives.
Much joy,
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