On January 1, 2017, I watched the fireworks sing songs in the sky… It was so so pretty…it was happy. I was happy. I am still happy. But this year, I confess that there were many things that broke my heart in crazy ways. I’ve watched friends and neighbors go through some crazy hard seasons, that they never imagined would happen to them in a million years. The news on terrorism is no help too, especially when you remember that the people (even though they are strangers) being hurt are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. I’ve also had those moments where my plans didn’t fall through like I wanted them to, and then I had sit with God, with tears in my eyes, and beg Him to show me what tomorrow will be, because maybe, when I know, I can face today with strength and hope.
Life is full of uncertainties. It’s full of the ‘I don’t know’ type of moments, but, this year, I’ve relearned that “God is ever faithful…Every morning, we get to taste of His faithfulness, love and wisdom”. We may be going through a season of ‘I don’t know’. Our today may look ‘sure’, but no one knows tomorrow. What if tomorrow is hazy? We must latch on to the one who knows our future (Jeremiah 29:11). Life is easy when we surrender our fears to Him. It’s also good to live grateful and rest on His word (Ps 119:49)…Papa God keeps His words and can be trusted…If He gave us the greatest gift ever- Jesus, “what do we need that He can’t give us?”
One of the things Jehovah God taught me to do this year was to learn to focus on the good.. So yeah, live a life of wonder and never lose focus on the good, the miracles and the God of miracles.
In a few days time, we get to sing a Happy New year, I confess that even though I’ve planned and figured out what I want and need in the coming year (so excited and full of faith) , every part of me is literally latching on to God and His love, because when life’s curve balls rears it’s head and my heart shakes in fear, only God can keep me walking and joyful, and that’s exciting too!!
So your turn, with all its uncertainties, are you excited about the coming year?
Remember, God has your back!

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