They said I should be at church early, and ‘Please, invite someone too’, the announcer said. And so, by 6:30 am, I was out of my house and in the ‘Keke’. Ife jumped in too. But she didn’t look like ‘church’. She was different. Her dress was ripped. Her false lashes were the longest I’ve ever seen. Both arms were tattooed. Her mouth, nose, jaw and eye brows were pierced with silver rings. And the only body part I have pierced is my ear.

We were different.

“She didn’t look like she belonged to church. What if people look at her in a funny way at church? What if she lashes out at me, when I say, ‘Jesus’? God, it’s hard”, I thought to myself. But, isn’t that why Jesus came…for me, for Ife, for the local tout, and even my pastor. Glad I talked to Ife. Was scared. But I’m glad. She had the sweetest smile, and she was so welcoming. She was out early to see her sick mama. And I realised, ‘who we are today, is based on our past experiences and environment, but God’s love changes every gory past and makes us better..God’s love is inclusive and not based on social class, tribe or race…it invites the uninvited, and like the morning sun, with God, our life journey is one that keeps getting better and better (Proverbs 4:18). Jesus met a murderer and gave Him a new name- Paul. The prostitute, Rahab, met God, and she became an ancestress of Christ. With Ife, I’ve learned that, there’s beauty in empathy…I’ve learned that love should always be the motive, and to always pray for people…that they taste real love. God knows how to reach the hardest heart.

I wonder what Ife is up to now, but talking to her made my day. If God can call me His princess…then I know he can do same for Ife.

So today, as you go about your day, talk to the beggar, the prostitute down the road, the local drunk or gate man..pray for and love everyone. Invite everyone, even those outside of your circle to Christ. He is the best gift every time. 

Got down from the ‘Keke’ and took a lovely picture of the sunrise. And my prayer is that, we always be a reflection of what real love looks like. It shines everywhere. Everyone has a chance…So, will you go, if God sends you, to that person that is different from you?


Much joy, 

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