“I know His poem is an oasis in the desert, reminding dear heart, that love gives life and it will live”
I love love God’s word. In this sometimes desert world, it’s unbroken promises and covenant of ‘shalom’ or peace, is literally the drink we need to get going again and again. I love love God’s word, it’s a breathing, living, powerful poem that can mend hearts and soften the hardest of hearts…It can redeem stories and change mindsets…It’s a powerful sword and a soul food that needs to be part of our diet. It’s a book of wisdom. It’s not just a bunch of paper, but words spoken by the creator of the Universe..the creator of You and I. And when I think of that, it blows my mind.
This week, let God’s word, the bible, be a part of our souls diet. Let it be an important part of our week. Trust me, the confusion and sadness will flee. Slowly, yet surely, you will have a heart full of peace, love, joy, wisdom and hope. I know because it works for me every time. It helped me last night and this morning too. …and remember, don’t just read it.. but, live it out and believe it.
Remember, God’s love is an everyday, every moment kind of love…always run to Him!!! Have a beautiful week!
Poem illustrated by @picsart

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