Why is it so easy to gift forgiveness to others but sometimes, find it hard to let go our own guilt and shame….punishing ourselves for something God has forgiven us of?
One day, I was doing just that. I laid in bed…tired and angry and full of regrets, and my kid sister said something I’ll never forget, she said, ‘…at some point, you have to forgive yourself and not let the mistakes from 10 or 100 years ago ruin and steal your joy and peace today’!
A light bulb went off and I was set me free. “If we asked God to forgive our unforgivable and truly repented from our sins, and we believe that God had answered our prayers, then why do we still walk around with the burden of shame, guilt and sadness?”
Truth is, the devil is a bad and persistent bully, and if we keep listening to His voice of shame, mistakes and regrets, we’ll become stuck in it.
Listening to Christ however, sets us free. In Christ, we are not judged guilty, we are made new and forgiven (Rom 8:1-2; 2 Cor 5:17-18; Isa 1:18).
Unforgiveness steals our joy. Shaming ourselves destroys our peace. Regret would always whisper, “God will not take you back”, when actually, God is by the window of our life, waiting to receive us back into His arms”.
If God can forgive us, who are we to hold ourselves at ransom?
It’s hard though…but God’s word can set us free from the crazies of yesterday’s.
Yesterday, I read about an actor who killed himself over His past mistakes….Outwardly, he looked happy but inwardly, shame was eating Him up!
Shame destroy us. God’s grace and forgiveness saves us.
It’s important that we rest on God’s forgiveness and forgive ourselves. Don’t let the fears and regrets destroy your day and life.
Seek God’s forgiveness, repent and forgive yourself! Stay happy!!!



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