Crazy Socks: What if I looked different?

‘So I look different,

different from you.

Would you see me if I passed you by?

And if you saw me,

Would I get a bashing from you?

Would you listen to me if I talked to you?

And if I spoke,

Would you hear my heart?

So I look different,

But I still matter.

Let your word breath respect

Your look dish kindness

So I look different,

But I’m human like you.

  • Ijeoma Unegbu


No one wanted to sit near him.

No one wanted to collect money from him.

Everyone was scared.

There’s a stigma.

And those who spoke to him were a bit harsh…rushed too.

‘You are too slow’, they said.

‘Imbecile’, some others said.

That day as I sat with Him in the bus, and tried to defend him as hard as I could, I was reminded that it doesn’t cost a thing to be kind.

That’s what the world needs, to look past our differences and love a little, like Christ.

Love is powerful!!!

I pray we communicate it whether verbally or non-verbally.

Love & Light always :)


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