On the day I took this selfie, the earth was spinning. It spun so fast, faster than Nanjul’s power bike, even on its super fast day. The earth is still moving, even in the stillness of this moment, right now. There’s no wooziness. We are sitting still or standing still, despite the spin. I’m in awe of our created world. The greatest inventor ever, created our earth and solar system in such a way that, it is constantly moving (66,660 miles/ hour). Just imagine, our billion years old earth is constantly orbiting round the sun and this cycle is completed in 365 ¼ days.
Also, I honestly can’t believe that the tiny twinkling stars we see every night are actually bigger than the whole of earth, and the beautiful sun that shines every day is at least a minimum of 146 million km far from us. In addition, “did you know that there are animals called, ‘the horse fish, glass frog’, and cockroaches can live for a week without its head?”
I’m no nerd and Mr. Google was kind enough to supply all this information, and I’m grateful for it, because I confess that, sometimes I forget that the same Intelligent King who created the whole world in such a brilliant way is the same King who created you and I.
Like Natalie Grant sang, “How could I make you so small, When you’re the one who holds it all? When did I forget that you’ve always been the king of the world?”
Yes, Sometimes, I forget who my God is…when life happens…when disappointment rears its crazy…I forget. But lately, reminding my heart that God is powerful, and His plan for my life is good keeps me going. God is so aware of our mundane and our important. He knows when a sparrow falls. He knows the stars by name. He’s knows my name and how many hairs I have on my head. The one who designed the earth so beautifully, knows when we cry and when we smile. He’s still wise, full of justice, mercy and love. ‘Cheta’ is the ibo word for ‘remember’. And so when I forget, I tell my heart, “Cheta…He’s still holding the world, You can trust Him!”.
When we are tired and afraid, let’s keep our gaze locked on His. Our spinning earth helps me to remember God, and that fills me with hope!
(Isa 40, Psalms 139)



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