C’est la vie….

‘C’est la vie’, that’s what she said when she read this….


‘But somewhere along the way,

I stopped seeing your footprints,

next to mine,

and I wonder,

when did we stop walking together?’

That is life….C’est la vie…

Love or what we think love is, comes and goes.

Today, you are with this awesome person and tomorrow, you can’t figure out why a good relationship ended.

But, I believe that for every question mark we have, God is good and this thing called love is so worth it… And like it is for every good thing in life, you keep seeking and finding and answers will come…
And so dear soul, don’t hurt over lost love. OK, cry a little and linger a little in the past but learn to move on, so you don’t get stuck. Forgive massively and give your broken story and heart to God.. He’s great at putting the pieces together. He’s your crutch anyway…and believe in love again…

You’ll heal, if only you stop reopening patched wounds..

Love lasts and sticks with you…and if it didn’t stay, maybe it was not your love to keep, so rejoice and be thankful for what the past held and what the future holds…


Love & Light!

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  1. True! There is a huge difference between attraction, infatuation and true love. Attraction is based on what u see (facial appearance), infatuation is based on what u feel at the moment (crush) – which last for a while then crumbles all of a sudden, but true love is based on what u know about the person. So before u get swept away by the wind of so-called stop and think about these three things (attraction, infatuation and true love). True love lasts forever.

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