Ajike asked, “if you had to choose one word to inscribe on a shirt, what will it be and why?…” I said, “I’ll choose brave or courage”, because that’s how I want to live everyday.
On Wednesday, it was hard standing up, but it took a lot of courage to stand and tell the “uncertainties and fears”, ‘not today!’.
I’ve learned too that it takes courage to love people as God wants us to. Ego showed me the video clip of a papa hugging his son’s murderer. It’s takes courage to love and forgive…to really love.
‘Brave’ is the voice that whispers to you, ‘try that risk again, give your heart again, obey God again, even if others don’t”.
There are days when I look out the window of my dreams and it’s easier to just duck and run, and hide under huge covers of false comfortability, when I don’t see a harvest, but I’ve learned that in tears or smiles, ‘courage’ will say,” look again with eyes of faith. Seas do part. You’ll see God’s goodness even in this land”.
Being brave was who Tola Ajayi was. She may have wore the scars of Sickle Cell (SS) but till death, she lived strong and was brave enough to live a purpose-driven life everyday (
So, I’ll inscribe brave or courage on my T-shirt…and remember that, even today, Jehovah makes me brave. It’s what I’ll tell the girl or guy hurting or doubting. “Be brave enough to try again. Don’t let fear stop you.”
Being brave helps me be all of who God wants me to be and when I’m all of that, others are permitted to be same.
I choose Brave. I’ll live brave.

(Deuteronomy 31:6)

Much joy,

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