I always see him there and he’s made a strong impression in my heart. He’s cute (…that brother is fine). I don’t know his name. We have never said hello before (ok once, ha!), but from a distance, i appreciate his kindness to the elderly and the sick. I appreciate his humility to not shy away from a broom stick during an outreach.
Character. That’s what I hope my future husband or son would have.
That’s what I hope the kid on my street corner will develop too. I pray he finds wise voices that will tell him to say no to ‘yahoo yahoo’, for a fraudulent life is always short lived.
I will tell him that I saw young men like him, being driven to prison in a green van today. I will tell him what that nice police guard told me that year, ‘Life in prison is hell’. I will tell this boy about the men that surrounds me and are doing great and honest deeds. He can be one too. Another great great beacon (like my forever king Jesus! ).
Character. I hope our men be that and like King David, they will hear God say, ‘That’s a man after my heart’. I pray our sons grow to become a man like that…a light house that other boys will look up to.
Having a good Character is a virtue…I hope we get to applaud this always. I wonder what it’s like to be a man though…is it stressful? Do they hurt or cry? I will always wonder. But, I hope that, when we see a good man, we say thank you, we send prayers up to heaven for him, we listen to him and we celebrate his strength.
It’s great to be cute physically, so dear guy, by all means, grow a beard or shave your hair, go beardless or get a new shirt, but in the end, being cute in heart counts for eternity…for a man with a great heart actually changes the world and makes God’s heart roar in pride.



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