…That Thursday, as I sat with ‘B’, he shared a thousand nuggets to chew on, but one of them is now one of my favorite mantra- “When trouble or crisis comes, the first thing I seek for is ‘calmness. As an entrepreneur, I have faced a lot of troubling situations, and when they come, I simply pray to be calm in my heart”.
As if to back what he said, the following day, I stumbled on Psalm 94:12-13, and that bible verse says, “Lord, great blessings belong to those you discipline, to those you teach from your law. You help them stay calm when trouble comes”.- Psalms 94:12?-?13 (ERV)

Honestly, being calm in a crazy situations, is my prayer too. It’s not my strong point, but I’m learning that calmness in heart and head, helps us listen and act right. 

Hush your heart, no matter how much you want to react. Pray about it and listen for Godly wisdom.
You will see, everything will be OK…and the ‘crazy’ may not be as terrible as you make it out to be. And even if it’s terrible, a calm heart helps you walk in wisdom….and into an answer and a peace.
So, please, be calm. 

Thanks B.

Thanks Papa God. 

Much joy, 

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