A friend once told me about a little girl. She was adopted. Her now parents have been waiting and praying for a child and they felt led to adopt. Today, they have a child. Another beautiful girl like her. But back then, when she was just theirs, her mother did not care much about her. But her Father, He loved her. He doted on her, like she was His from the beginning. Giving this little girl a book to write her legacy on.
“Will you ever adopt…the kid who is healthy or the one who is unhealthy; the kid with the perfect heart or the ones with a hole in their hearts; the kids whose mama was probably mad and a druggie or the one whose dad ran away because he was too young to be a Father?”
“Is it ever easy to accept a stranger into your home and give them your name and let them call you mom or dad and love them so much that people think they came from your womb but truth is, you have no idea what their past was or what their lineage held..? Is it ever easy to love someone anyway, even when you have no idea what their future holds or what their past was?”

Adopted. That was who Moses was. As a child, he was to be killed, but cos of adoption, he was called a prince.
Adopted. That’s who I am. Today, we have identity because of God, because He adopted us (Romans 8:14-16). He picked us. He washed us clean. He gave us His name. I have a home…because someone choose me..because Jesus came for us.

We are no longer orphans but Children. We are no longer abandoned, but chosen. We are no longer nameless but now named and identified by true loves name.
(James 1:27)..
I love the spirit of adoption. I’m grateful for it.
Will you ever adopt?
Much joy,
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