Hi Friends,

Welcome to my diary. I’m Ijeoma and I love hanging out with you, even in this place…. # Ijeoma’s Diary

I love laughing, singing (not because I can, cos I can’t…but because its freeing..Yes?), baking cake with my sisters. collecting quotes, photography, dreaming, reading, writing, poetry and stories, adventures, sitting still and staring at the cosmos, charity causes ,asking questions, learning (cos we really are always under construction), positivity, counting blessings, and loving life generally whether imperfect or perfect….

I adore my family, my mom, grandma and the girls and cousins and uncles and aunts. I also love my other family…gifts from beautiful wombs, also called friends.

Most importantly, I love Jehovah God, and Christ Jesus and the Holy spirit and angels. With my earthly dad gone, I’m grateful for the knowledge that God has and is always there…and when I go through my diary, I see His footprints in this journey called life and His showers of grace.

Anything else, please feel free to ask…You can reach me via email, ‘ijeyoma AT gmail.com‘ or on any of the social media platforms…and oh…you can send your post or thoughts or write-up to same email; ijeyomaAT gmail.com..Can’t wait to feature your post in this little corner.

Please give your feedback. Pleaseeeee.

Grateful for the gift of you and thanks a million again for visiting…Can’t wait to know you..

You rock,