One day, “N” came to work hurting, her friend who had married a soldier had just received that news that no one wants to hear, but you fear may come. His team was ambushed. He’s dead. He had a 3 years old son, and he had promised His son he’ll be home soon. He was a playful dad. He was live-in superhero. While everyone consoled and cried with her, the little boy sat there, probably waiting for dad, probably not understanding what all the crying was for.


The Soldiers wife once told me, “when I met my husband, I loved him. He was my friend, but his career wasn’t my favorite. I tried to tell him to resign, but he says its a calling. And so, when the fear comes, I simply pray for protection and that I get to hear his voice one more day”.


A few days ago, my little cousin called. He had graduated from Navy college. I’m so so proud of Him, but if I could take back the hands of time, I’ll still ask him, “do you really have to? Is it worth it? What if, you may be required to kill someone? What if we don’t see you for the holiday or see you next year and the next one? Maybe, it’s best to allow others live this life….Do you really have to?”

But this young one, what if he’s braver than me..choosing a life of courage?

He doesn’t have much. His dad is a farmer, but rather than beg, he chose to start a career in the face this fear, not run from it. 

When my friend Eunice asked me to write a poem for the fallen soldiers, stories like the ones above broke my heart and changed my heart. It made me more aware of the soldiers fight and the plight of poor widows around us.


I’ve never thought about it. I see stories of fallen soldiers in the news, but I’ve never thought about their widows and their kids and a goodbye that was not planned. Someone said, sometimes, these women are driven out of their houses… out of the barrack. Sometimes too, there’s the property struggle between relatives and the widows. Sometimes, all they need is a reminder that someone cares about them. How do we protect them?


I’m grateful for the brave men and women, who right now, are helping to defend our walls. 

I’m proud of them. And I pray that, when I battle on my knees through prayer, their cry is on my lips, and God Almighty will be with them whether in the forest or at home. I pray this choice brings good fortune to them, like the ones before them. 

As much as we can, as we pray for ourselves and loved ones, let’s pray for strangers across the world.
Let’s pray for increased love, in our hearts and between neighbours.


Hi friends, please let’s not turn a blind eyes to the plight of others. As much as we can, let’s pray and think of loving ways in which we can help people around us. Even strangers too. We are Gods co-labourers. They say life is short, but everyday, as long as God pours breath into us, let’s live it excited. Let’s live in love, forgiveness, passion, wisdom and for Christ. To live is Christ. Let’s defend our home with Godly traits. Let’s continually get refined….to be better each breathing day. Let’s spread that same hope to everyone, including the widows and the orphans. No one knows when their last goodbye will be (maybe 100 years from now or this very moment), so as long as we have breath, let’s live this life well, excited, in love and in Christ.
Well, that’s my resolution everyday.


I hate war. I can’t wait for the day when it will stop….when Jehovah God stamps this ‘evil’ out completely.
To those in the ‘force’, thanks for your sacrifice!

Much joy,

Note: Image Source- Pixabay

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